Getting to Surassamanakhan Hotel at Suranaree University of Technology 

How to get to Nakhonratchasima from the international airports in Bangkok
There are many transportation options from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima. Participants on a limited budget are encouraged to take advantage of the bus stations in Bangkok. The Mo Chit bus terminal can be accessed via taxi (30 minutes ride) from the airport or participants can take the airport link to the PhayaThai BTS skytrain and then ride the skytrain to the Mo Chit exit (see map below). From the Mo Chit exit it is only a short taxi ride from the Bus Station. 
By bus:
Starting from Mo Chit 2 (or new Mo Chit) bus terminal. Ticket booths are located on 2nd floor. There are a number of companies providing the service. Please check before booking which terminal in Nakhonratchasima the bus is going to stop at. It could be old terminal in town or new Terminal 2 on the main road near Terminal 21 shopping mall. The new Terminal 2 is recommended since it is easier to get the bus or taxi to SUT from there. 

Phone: 02-9362252, 093 -3253635
Available every 40 minutes from 06.00 to 24.00. 

Suranaree Air
Phone: 02-5378369
Available every 40 minutes from 06.00 to 24.00.

Ratchasima Tour
Phone: 02-9361615
available every 20 minutes from 06.00 to 24.00.

Nakhonchai Tour
Phone: 0-4424-1766
30 days advanced booking is possible. 
Available from 04.30 to 19.30, 22 buses a day. 

From the Nakhon Ratchasima Bus Terminal Free to SUT 

Bus terminal (Nakhonratchasima) <-> Surasammanakarn Hotel

DATE                                                    Time                                                                                Direction

June 23, 2019                               4.00 pm                              Bus terminal (Nakhonratchasima) - Surasammanakarn Hotel

                                                         6.00 pm                             Bus terminal (Nakhonratchasima) - Surasammanakarn Hotel


June 25, 2019                              5.00 pm                               Surasammanakarn Hotel - Bus terminal (Nakhonratchasima)

June 26, 2019                              2.00 pm                               Surasammanakarn Hotel - Bus terminal (Nakhonratchasima)


Bus schedule for Excursion to Sakaerat Environmental Research Station



Suranaree University of Technology <-> Sakaerat Environmental Research Station ​

DATE                                                  Time                                                                                   Direction

June 25, 2019                               5.00 pm             Suranaree University of Technology - Sakaerat Environmental Research Station

June 26, 2019                              2.00 pm              Suranaree University of Technology - Suranaree University of Technology

If you arrive or depart Nakhon Ratchasima Bus Station outside of these times you may take Songthao number 17 from the bus terminal to Suranaree University of Technology which deposits people within a 2 minute walk of Surassamanakharn Hotel for 15 THB (0.5 USD approximately) or take a taxi which costs approximately 300 THB (15 USD) for transit between bus station terminal and SUT.  The Songthao is pictured below. 

Bangkok Skytrain Map 

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