Our honored guest speakers

Dr. Naruemon Tantipisanuh

King Mongkut's University of Technology, Thonburi 

Conservation Ecology Group 

Dr. Tantipisanuh (typically referred to as Dr. June) has been conducting landscape level conservation research in Thailand. She has performed species distribution modeling using Bayesian Network and worked on a threatened species hotspot map of Thailand.


Currently she has been collaborating with several colleagues to conduct surveys of small carnivores in coastal wetlands and mangroves in southern Thailand, including otters and the vulnerable Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus).


Dr. June is an expert in conservation tools such as ArcGIS, MARXAN. She has even used citizen science to improve species distribution models in Thailand.

Dr. Boripat Siriaroonrat , DVM

Director, Natural History Museum, Thailand  

Dr. Siriaroonrat has just recently begun a new chapter in his professional career as the director of the Natural History Museum of Thailand. Previously  he acted as the Assistant Director of Conservation, Research & Education under the Zoological Park Organization.


He received his DVM from Chulalongkorn University in 1994 and MS in Zoology in 1998. He used to teach at Chulalongkorn University and Mahidol University before going to Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park and its Conservation & Research Center. He received a PhD in Environmental Science and Policy from George Mason University in 2006.

He has supported conservation and research initiatives throughout Thailand and is a strong proponent of conservation education as well as capacity building within the local community. His leadership and ideals have inspired young conservationists throughout Thailand and internationally. 

Dr. Supatchaya Techachoochert 

Cofounder and Owner of "The Refill Station" Bangkok Thailand

Dr. Supatchaya has an impressive array of academic and private sector activities all with the central dogma of developing in a sustainable manner. With her PhD dissertation from Mahidon University on one of the World's most endangered bird species the Giant Nuthatch, she has first hand experience on the front-lines of conservation science. 

Her experience in the private sector includes co-founding "The Refill Station" which is the first  bulk store in Thailand, that sells daily products without causing unnecessary waste The refill station hosts  workshops, talks, and documentaries. Tying business to conservation and education is a major priority for Dr. Supatchaya. 

She has also been lauded for the "Women in Science" round-table discussion pertaining to gender equality in the sciences hosted by the United States Embassy. 

Dr. Taksin Artchawakom

Population and Community Development Association, Thailand

Retired Director of Sakaerat Environmental Research Station  

Dr. Artchawakom has made a life-long career out of conservation science and protected area management. As the long-standing director of Sakaerat Environmental Research Station until his retirement in 2016 he facilitated conservation and research projects thoughout the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve and Thailand. 


He received an honorary Ph.D. from Suranaree University of Technology for his contributions to science and research throughout his tenure at the Sakaerat Environmental Research Station. He has mentored many young conservation scientists during his time and established the "Sakaerat Model". The model combines scientific education and literacy of the natural world with research support to help build awareness in local communities. From zero students annually when he took management of the research station until he retired in 2016 he increased the number of students participating in environmental education activities to over 16,000 annually. 

Dr. Artchawakom's motto is that "Nature has no Boundaries" this theme has colored his interactions with researchers, education specialists, and policy makers through his commendable career.

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